Monday, March 9, 2009

Home page implemented

Goldie-Underline is now on the home page. While doing this, I also did some other things.

•Fixed the top grey search banner/bar so that it is the same size in most browsers. IE and Chrome used to show it far too big. There also used to be this weird thing where if you clicked either of the image links, little scroll bars would appear in the container. That doesn't happen anymore either. This is a surprise to me, because it's been a problem ever since we got the templates and I never really thought it could be fixed.

•added 15 pixels of padding to the left of the search box, so that it's not right up against the edge as before

•there is 5 pixel less space between the top banner and the grey search bar. It's hard to notice, though.

•removed the DB trial from last week, as I believe it's ended by now

The grey bar still has problems on the sub pages. I'll change those now that I know how to do it.

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