Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dec 12, 2012, meeting minutes & news

Dec. 12, 2012, Passman Room
ULMLWPC Meeting minutes

In attendance:
  • Given that there is not enough time between now and Jan 14, when classes begin, the group decided to wait until just after the Spring 2013 semester ends to roll out the new library website
    • Also a problem, on this very day KN was given OmniUpdate access (the new ULM.edu platform), giving little time to learn it
  • KN mentioned the possibility of having a hybrid of the old and new site, with the new ULM banner site appearing at the top
  • Some time was spent discussing what the new EZproxy service will be like and how it could be implemented on the site. (not long before the library received a grant to upgrade EZproxy) for It was not known at that time how quickly the new EZproxy account could be set up.
  • KN said she had been able to produce a working EBSCO Discovery Service search box, which could be deployed now if we wished, except that the EZproxy troubles complicate this
  • Some times was spent talking about EDS itself, and how useful it would be for the library versus its subscription cost. In order for it to be worth its price, an EDS search will likely need to fit into the library home page.
  • KN said The fate of the ulm.edu/~personname domains and the possibility getting all librarians some form of site access is still unknown, though she has made its critical importance clear to RG at the CC. There is a possibility that the reference librarian pages could be made to look like the main website, but KN pointed out that she has no way of enforcing the design template on those areas as on the rest of the site. Having OmniUpdate Access for all librarians, even on one reference account, would be best.
  • The group looked at some demonstration designs KN made from the existing new ULM site template
  • Simplification and consolidation of links and pages will likely be necessary
  • More specifics of the redesign will be discussed at a later date

Latest Website Changes:

  • The order with OCLC to get the EZproxy service has been completed, but they say it could take up to 4 weeks to implement. KN, CR, and CE from the CC had a telephone meeting with OCLC's EZproxy team. They need more information about LOUIS and how its resources are authenticated. Another meeting with LOUIS in attendance may be necessary.
  • The hours on the home page were again changed to show the holiday hours, then later to Wintersession, and now the Spring Schedule
  • the hours.pdf full schedule was changed to the Spring schedule, with the spring graphic on the page
  • During the weather closings and MLK Holiday, the hours were again changed
  • news of a PrivCo database trial added to news box, blog, and facebook
  • news of the library being open during the weather closures and a JSTOR maintenance period were added to news box and blog, then removed
  • An ERIC documents problem has been added to news box, blog, , and facebook