Friday, July 16, 2010

"New" "databases"

Megan told me to add the Directory of Open Access Journals and Project Gutenberg to the site (and that the latter might get indexed in the catalog too). Just because something doesn't cost anything doesn't mean that it's any less useful or trusted, so I've placed them alongside everything else.

I put Project Gutenberg on the Home pages next to NetLibrary, so that they are equal (and because it fits).

And I put both on the DB list page, with symbols to indicate that they are free:
I also moved the short list of "database tools" to a little box near the top, because I don't think anyone ever scrolls to the bottom to see it. Some of the links in that list were in the repeated Quick List too, so now I keep them in "tools" only, as both lists are now visible.

These have also been added to the subject guides; the DOAJ is on all of them, and Project Gutenberg is on most of them.

Barbara is no longer on the staff list:

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 4th hours + video development

I've put the July 4th weekend hours on the home page, so people don't think we're open.

I don't mean to blow my own horn, but some of you may have seen my pro-LOUIS video:

I made this in a short amount of time at the library and at home (but it's not in color, and is only a min. and a half long, after all). The most tedious (tedious, tedious) part of working with flash is making the subtitles. But YouTube automates that process. I was shocked at how easy and fast it was. So it would not be unreasonable to do something like it with pictures or video to replace the now-outdated library tour.

As LJ suggested, we could also make a video commercial at the same time.