Wednesday, June 22, 2011

College Source maybe + EZ Proxy

Today DS told me that College Source is back and to put it back on the website. I did, and it working earlier today, but now it's not working. I'm not sure why.

Also, the computing center is now in talks with OCLC to try to fix the SciFinder database problem.

Friday, June 10, 2011

ILL page + new databases + EZ Proxy


MW brought it to my attention that the latest upgrade of Iliad also included a re-design. I'm delighted to see that, because the ILL interface has looked very 1994 for a long time and I often wished it was better. However, that also means that our tutorial pictures are outdated.

I've been considering doing video for the ILL page before, but now that it really needs to be changed, I made some today and put them on the library YouTube to embed them:

ML and MW and I all agree that having pictures on the page as well would be a good idea. Those will be added before the end of today, if not this afternoon.

2 new databases for business (or other things, if you think it's pertinent):

Datamonitor 360
Datamonitor Product Launch Analytics

Product Launch analytics is working great, but the URL for DM 360 looks strange. But as long as it does work, it's the one we'll use.

EZ Proxy is being difficult in general, but SciFinder in particular is giving us trouble about IP addresses, while other DBs seem to have little trouble with the new Proxy. Troubleshooting it has been hard because we can't tell if it's us, LOUIS, OCLC, or SciFinder having the problem or all of these things at once.
I could go on and on, but it's all rather technical.

But as I see it, EZ Proxy has been temperamental for a long time, and it's worth the trouble to get it under control.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

hours + EZ Proxy

The summer hours are now up, since the summer schedule begins on June 8th.

We are also experiencing problems with EZ Proxy, so we will investigate that more.