Monday, January 30, 2012

Staff changes + Wilson Web

  • ML informed me of what changes need to be made to the site concerning staff/faculty. For the time being, CR is double-listed, and I'll make more changes as things develop.
  • In the meantime, subjects without a librarian, or other places where DW used to be, will be replaced with "TBA" and the reference email address, so that there will be someone to help with those
  • Since Wilson Web is going away at the start of Feb., I've removed its links from the site. Again, here are the details from EBSCO on that if you didn't get it:
    Dear H.W. Wilson Database Subscribers,
    As has been communicated several times recently, WilsonWeb will not be available as of February 1, 2012.  This means that WilsonWeb folders will no longer be available at that time, so if you are still using WilsonWeb and have not planned for the conversion, this is a final reminder to please do so as soon as possible.
    Important:   Please be sure to download your WilsonWeb statistics before the cutover on February 1, 2012, to avoid losing access to this information.   
    A reminder from the December 16, 2011 and November 3, 2011 announcements:  There are some databases that will no longer be made available, and as such, customers will receive automatic upgrades to the more comprehensive versions, as they become available.  For example, customers subscribing to Book Review Digest will automatically receive Book Review Digest Plus, and customers of Education Index will be upgraded to Education Abstracts.  There are several other examples which can be found in the “EBSCOhost Transition Plan” document located at
    If you have questions or would like assistance with setting up the authentication URLs to your H.W. Wilson databases on EBSCOhost, please contact us via the EBSCO support site at or call (800) 758-5995.  Both WilsonWeb and EBSCOhost support will continue to be provided by EBSCO’s Technical Support Team, and we remain focused on providing strong support to successfully guide you through the transition process.  


    Marcie Brown, Technical Communications Manager

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012

    Product Launch Analytics gone + Hours

    The database "Datamonitor Product Launch Analytics" has been removed from the website, its subscription expired (it had been a part of a deal with Datamonitor temporarily). The main Datamonitor 360 database is still here, however.

    The hours for the library have been set to the Spring 2012 normal hours, also.

    Friday, January 6, 2012

    Hours, Mergent, Special Collections....

    This week:
    • Removed holiday hours and put up Wintersession/Intersession hours
    • removed all instances of Mergent Online from the library web site since our subscription ran out.
    • Uploaded new Special collections newsletter, and uploaded an appended version of the Spring 2011 issue for CR
    • Changed the location of the ULM police dept. on the Community page. Thanks to Mr.Glaze for finding it