Monday, March 9, 2009

Add info re grad student checkouts to faculty page?

I've a faculty member come to the desk to ask what procedure she can follow to enable her graduate assistant to check out materials for her (the professor).

I didn't know, and couldn't quickly find the answer on the library services for faculty page. Could this information be added?

Heather advises me that the requirements are simple: the professor just needs to send the student to circulation with the professor's ID, and a letter with his/her signature which identifies the student who is authorized to check out materials for the professor. The letter will be kept on file at circulation. (Obviously, this procedure will need to be repeated if/when the professor changes graduate assistants.)


Karen N. said...

That sounds like something that can go on the For Faculty page and the FAQ.

Thanks for thinking of it.

Karen N. said...

I've added it. Do let me know if it's wrong: