Friday, October 30, 2009

Upcoming exhibit

I've added some things to the site concerning Highway 80 in Print, to promote it.

I've also mentioned on the blog that Bell Tower books is closing again, in hopes that someone may volunteer. I've replaced the image ad for it on the home page with one for the Highway exhibit:

seasonal graphic

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FYI: Coporate Logos on the site

ULM now has a policy about using logos on all websites with in the "" The general rule seems to be not to use them, but there are exceptions. These exceptions seems to outline the reasonable decisions we have already been making regarding logo use, and it appears that there are no changes to be made to the site as a result.

" Certain ubiquitous third-party images may be incorporated within the ULM.EDU Web site only in the course of assisting the Web user in using the content provided on the ULM.EDU Web page. Examples of these types of exceptions may include (but not limited to):

• Adobe® Reader or PDF
• references Google® (when associated with Google’s search engines and appliances)
• Microsoft® and/or Apple® or affiliated applications (Word, iTunes, etc.)
• Approved Social Media outlets (Facebook®, Twitter®, etc).
• Web-based services which ULM has a contractual obligation with (Moodle®, uPortal®, Zimbra®, etc.)

In general, these images must link only to the Web service provided (i.e., to download Adobe® Reader) and not link to the third-party’s Home page. "
Do let me know if there is anything that looks out of place in regards to these policies.

You may review the Web Sponsorship Policy at the ULM Policy Web site ( The direct link to the Web Sponsorship Policy is, which will open as a PDF.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Pharmacy DBs

CH told me to add some new Pharmacy DBs to the list. But CA also told me that some of them were for Pharmacy students alone.

So CA and I talked about this (for a long time), and decided that it would be best to put the new Pharmacy links on the "by name" list as a single link leading to Pharmacy's own subject list. This way, it's still included but remains somewhat exclusive. It's listed as "ULM School of Pharmacy resources " here:

And this is the Pharmacy Subject list it links to:

Reference Peoples:
One of the new DBs in the Pharmacy list is StatRef! I remember it from library school, and is a very good reference resource, as you may know. So keep it in mind.

Special Collections Newsletter

I have put the new Special Collections newsletter online. This is the first issue, and it will be placed online for all subsequent issues.

It is here:

...mentioned it on the Archives web page here:

...and on the blog and home page here:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

IE7... now IE8

If you give a mouse a cookie... changing the page for IE7 messed it up for IE8 (and only IE8, I should add). So I made the heights of the hours and announcements boxes a fixed height of 140 pixels, so it looks all right now. But then I thought today that 140 was too tall, so I made it 135 pixels. It looks fine in IE8 and IE7 and the others I test, but do let me know if anything else looks wrong.

Also, the only web browser on the computer in special collections is IE6 (until I installed FF). This is why IE6 just... won't... die.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

IE7, Con Sarn It!

As I said, I changed the hours box. It looked fine in IE6, IE8, FF, Chrome, but yesterday I saw it on IE7, which is what the kiosk computers have. It didn't look right. Every browser works with that BUT IE7

It is now fixed.

At LUC 2009 I mentioned this browser problem, but said I would not get into it because we'd be there all day X-(

Also, Don reminded me to remove NW and FH from the directory.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Hours file

I've re-done the Library's schedule file so that it now shows the hours for the departments. Do let me know if any of them are wrong:

I changed the hours text to say this too. While I was there, I changed the "Quickly Link to..." menu to now say "Database Quick Links...", so that now it's obvious what the menu is for.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

News box update

I forgot to report that on Monday I changed the text in the news box because the special collections archaeology event had passed.