Thursday, September 29, 2011

MRI+, off campus issues

This week I added a new resource called MRI+, which the CBA pays for. I made an etry page for it because its log in instrucions are very specific:

Also, made a video about how EBSCOhost works not-so-well off-campus, and how to get around that, and embedded on the special EBSCO links page:

I've asked about merging the LOUIS and ULM EZ Proxies again. That's still going to happen eventually.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Subject librarians

CA asked me to add "Medical Laboratory Science" to her subject librarian entry:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Retired Faculty and FAQs

Since a new retired faculty card has been created, I re-did it's information on the site.
However, this card is actually not that new; it's very similar to what the retired faculty rights had been before. But apart from the FAQ, the existence of such a card wasn't mention on the site much. So, I've added it and re-done the list of non-student/employee cards that we have on these pages:

Visitor Information
For The Community

b) FAQs page...

Removed old FAQ information about the hardware and software in the computer lab, and removed the question about the library being close on weekends.

Updated information about hold and recalls:

Since we don't need it anymore thanks to CH's changes in the catalog, I've removed this whole question from the FAQ page:

What are materials in the library catalog that say See Electronic Address?

See Electronic Address means that the specified item(s) is in electronic text. This could mean that it's a government document, an item in a database, or an e-book. Click on the “URL” in the record to link to the text of the item. Please ask the reference librarian for assistance if you have any trouble.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Various updates...

Recently, I have...

Changed the library Hours back to normal
Fixed a broken database link for Datamonitor on the subject pages
Added the EBSCO eBooks link to the Special EBSCO links page, even though I don't use it as the link to eBooks, and added eBooks to the EBSCO sub-list on the DB name page
Updated the library floorplan to show the Internal Auditor office

Friday, September 2, 2011


CR asked me to change the departmental hours on the hours printable sign from 1pm to 11:30am:
I was never really sure exactly what to write on that part ever since the hours were extended, because I didn't know if those were supposed to be extended also. So if CR says it's 11:30am, like the rest of the University, then it's 11:30am.

I also updated the hours for the weekend to show the labor day closing from Sept. 3-5.