Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Errors, updates, + more

  • Returned site to normal after Isaac
  • Updated and fixed many errors on the the Staff And Departments and Faculty/Staff listed by name pages
  • Updated some of the Floor Plan map. I have been considering the idea of re-doing it all over, since it's going to be hard to fit everything on it. But for now, it looks like it used to.
  • EBSCO Discovery Service is still under investigation. I'd like to replace the current EBSCO with it, since they're very much the same
  • Classical Music Library has not been renewed. It has been removed from the website
  • Louisiana Digital Library allows custom page graphics for ULM's Special Collections pages. Some drafts have been made with CR, and hopefully they'll be ready either this or next week (note: only CR has the ability to LDL pages).