Thursday, March 5, 2009

highlight candidates

Based on responses on the blog (thanks for that by the way), I have choose 3 candidates...


Goldie Underline

Goldie Underline II
(A mix of A and B; the line appears behind the bottom of the text rather than below it)

These are not set in stone. More like plaster. Some things about them can be changed, such as the color and thickness of the gradient line. For instance, this is what Goldie Underline II would be like if the line were 1 pixel thinner (I wouldn't make a "D" for a 1-pixel difference).

I also made a "strikethru" version; it's no good, so it's not a candidate.


Dr. Karen J. Cook said...

I like Goldie underline best. (I think it is more readable than Goldie.)

Megan Lowe said...

I like either of the Goldie Underlines. I'm learning towards II, but I'd be happy with either.

Maren said...

I like any of them, actually. Just to be difficult.