Thursday, October 25, 2012

EZproxy, Special Collections

Monday, October 8, 2012

Hours, EDS, EZ Proxy

Since last time...
  • The Fall Break hours were shown on the home page, and returned to normal after break
  • Added direct links to ULM's Louisiana Digital Library collections on the Special Collections/Archives page
  • Investigated EBSCO Discovery Service; assessments sent via email. Bottom line: EDS handles off-campus access better because it knows when you've connected to both EZ Proxies and puts them together for you, which EBSCOhost will not, but that doesn't solve our EZ Proxy problem. EDS doesn't allow users to see what databases are connected before a search. Since those connections can have errors, we need to see those.
  • Found and report some errors in LOUIS' off-campus database list. LOUIS has fixed them
  • Note: DS has given me (KN) the ability to open incident reports in LOUIS footprints.
  • A request to the Computing Center to set up MarketLine Advantage to work on EZ Proxy instead of Datamonitor 360, which it has replaced, has been sent; no word yet on when it will be done.
  • Idea: When the ULM website is redone, will anyone archive the old one? Should the library?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Last week: LDL, Floor Plan, etc.

Last week:
  • With help from CR, made individual banner art for ULM's Louisiana digital library entries. I also found individual links to each:
    Edna Tiny Tarbutton Collection
    Northeast Louisiana Historic Images Collection
    Griffin 1932 Flood Collection
    I'll probably add these links to the Special Collections page soon.
  • Thanks to MW, fixed error in hours box on home page
  • Improved Floor Plan to have a Library Locations List similar to those made for print on the elevator windows. This directory will be linked to from the catalog after CH adds it. It was his idea to do this, because another library has a directory linked in its catalog to help patrons find books.
  • Also improved the appearance of the Floor Plan so that it is larger, has clearer font, and updated it to show new library offices. Also made new PDF version.
  • Removed more instances of Classical Music Library
  • This weekend, tested off-campus access to DBs including EBSCO Discovery Service. I'll have more to say about EDS soon.