Friday, February 27, 2009

Special Collections/Archives Uploaded
There may be more changes to make on it, but considering how it has more information that the old one did, I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead.

I also removed the "Records Management" link from the home page, as it resides on the Special Collections page now.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

New ILL + etc

•I've updated the ILL page with new graphics and the Site Map link:

•I've removed the news items about the Mardi Gras hours and the heating system. The CWID message is actually just there to fill space.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Special Collections pages...

• For the Archives pages, I'm fairly happy with these. I will ask CR if they accomplish what she wants them to:

The "Records Management Forms" link on the home page is going away as soon as the new Special Collections pages go up (whatever they may be)

• Also, this is the latest demo version of the Gov Docs blog. I'm not entirely happy with it, but it's close:

Friday, February 20, 2009

Special Collections

I'm almost done re-making special collections. The changes are "dramatic" because I'm integrating and eliminating pages, so I'm keeping them on my directory for now:

I may find a way to re-integrate pictures if I can get them to look all right.

While I was doing all this, I found some old defunct pages from Dr.Jordan's time:

As ever, have a look at them now before I remove them, if you want to.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New tags, new deletions

• Upon KC's request, I've made 2 more headings for use on library web pages. They look like this:

So that means:
h1- huge
h2 - big
h3 - normal
h4 - tiny

•Deleted today:
"holiday_files" folder
All older index page versions except "index1.html," which is for testing

(The more I do this, the more complicated it gets. I may have to ask some questions.)

Highlighting the home page groups

At out last meeting we decided to find some way to make category headings stand out more. There are some ways in which this could be done.

Some of you may remember that I often looked to the Uni. of North Florida's library site as the picture of what a great library site is like, and then they changed it. It didn't always have so much color, and it used to be plainer like our page. I would'nt do what they've done (I've fallen out of love with gradients; now I simply like them), but I don't think using images would be a bad idea.

Monday, February 16, 2009

New Distance Learning page

•I wrote a Distance Learning page which is different from the Off-Campus access page. Let me know if it's wrong:

•I also removed the EBSCOhost thing from Friday (about the maintenance).

Friday, February 13, 2009

Some things...

• Made update maps to show the new Career Connections & Experiential Education office (I didn't even know it was called that until I ran into Alberta Green yesterday!)

• Made a backup .zip archive of the old /library domain (from before I laid hands on it) for Cyndy.

Let me know if anyone else wants the link. I won't publish it here, so I'll email the link.

(truth be told I was mostly working on today)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Feb 13 Update

New Today:
•Finished fixing up the FAQ page. Maybe I missed something?
•Fixed computer lab page tags and added site map link. Removed 3rd floor photo
•Changed these sub-pages to the new template:

Moved today:
•I took all the "University Library Committee" Minutes and put them in thier own folder, "ULC minutes"

Deleted today:
FAQs Version 2.html
dh1.jpg (logo)
"faqex" folder
"faqex1" folder
Electronic Sources 2.html
Electronic Sources.html
Electronic Resources.rtf
"departments1a_files" folder
"eresources" folder
"refimg" folder
(some old images from "faqfiles" folder)

(It's going to take a while to sift through all this stuff :-/ )

More "TO DO":
fix the flash files in the FAQs to show new home page

Some things are missing...

•Department Hours aren't kept on the home page any more. I suppose I should find a place for those to go?

• dept. list has no degrees on it. Should I make a third version of the list with degrees on it?

•Oh yeah, reserves. What about those?

Blast from the past

I found some old versions of the library home page. Enjoy a little "blast from the past" before I remove them?

I'll keep them until sometime next week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lots of changes today

Today I...

• Made the site map. It looks a little confusig, but most Site Maps I've met look like this. Site Maps are something that some people seem to like, but I personally never use. I tried to include everything we have. This list has also the purpose of keeping us organized.

• Thanks to Notepad++, changing all the pages to include the new "Site Map" link took about 20 seconds, all at the same time. However, since they all needed to be uploaded again, I inspected the code of each file for quality before uploading (using better tags, as discussed at the last meeting). Quite a few of them are re-done.

• I've re-named some pages. This means that any links to those pages that I might've missed won't work. I used Notepad++ to find and change all instances of these file names. However, that couldn't have worked in any files I didn't check. Please inform me if something is going wrong.

contact1.html ==> contact.html
tours.html ==> instruction.html
mappage1.html ==> mappage.html
service1.html ==> forstudents.html
staffnew.html ==> staffdept.html
FAQ3.html ==> FAQ.html
tutorials1.html ==> tutorials.html
history1.html ==> history.html

• On the Off-Campus Access page, I've added "(Remote Access)," because some people call it that.

• There will be times when underlined links won't look right on subpages. I've made an alternate set of link formatting for such times:
.altlink a:link { color: #600; text-decoration: none; }
.altlink a:visited { color: #a39058; text-decoration: none; }
.altlink a:hover { color: #660000; text-decoration: none; font-weight: bold;}
.altlink a:active { color: red }
It sits in the same CSS file. CSS allows as many link colors as you want.

• I've added a bit to the FAQ about the conference center. The formatting fixes aren't done yet because there is so much to do (it's basically the same document I made in 2007, so the markup is messed up) but I've been working on it.

• Not changed but will be: ILL, computerlab, Distance Learning, Special Collections, Ask a Librarian form (not mine, though). New map also coming.

• "/govdocs/" will need the site map link, which I'll soon provide

• I deleted these files also:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Home page notices II

I've heard that the trials are over, so they've been removed.

Home page notices

I've added a warning about the upcoming EBSCO maintenance to the blog and home page. I also removed
Since the CWID notice was at the bottom, I dropped it off. As I mentioned during the meeting, the news text box should be allow to expand endlessly, and that I'd probably allow a maximum of 4 items. The fact that IE7 (and just IE7) still can't handle these things easily is another reason.

While I did that, I also removed this text from the home page html...
{ label = "Quickly Link To... "; selected = "YES"; }; 1 = { label = "ACM - Association for Computing Machinery"; url = ""; }; 2 = { label = "Annaul Reviews - a nonprofit scientific publisher"; url = ""; }; 3 = { label = "Bayou State Periodical Index"; url = ""; }; 4 = { label = "BioOne - full text bioscience database"; url = ""; }; 5 = { label = "College Catalogs"; url = ""; }; 6 = { label = "item to be linked"; url = "#"; }; 7 = { label = "item to be linked"; url = "#"; }; 8 = { label = "item to be linked..........................."; url = "#"; }; }" target="_top"

I don't know what it is, but the menu still functions without it (my text editor highlights markup this is functional, and it didn't appear to be doing anything).

photocopiers/printing page

Someone reminded me to change the photocopiers/printing page to reflect the room changes in the building. I also removed the part about using ID cards to pay, because apparently that isn't available anymore either.

I'll soon change the FAQs pages to say the same, and other things.

Friday, February 6, 2009

More Home Page Changes

•Webfeat's "Meta-Search Articles And More" is now "Search Multiple Resources," as there had been some concern that "meta" is too confusing
•Ebrary and Netlibrary site beside each other due thier similarity (Netlibrary goes first because it was here first)
•Bullets are square now
•blog link removed from "about the library" list
•As KC suggested, ""For more, see our Reference & Government Documents Blogs" is now being used as the blog sentence. I also bolded it and added some color.

(How am I doing this when the library is closed? There's this place called Masur hall... Anyway, I just had to finish those things today because I won't be here on Monday. Have a nice weekend.)

Home page changes

I thought I'd add the blog links to the news box. But I ran into a problem: There was barely enough room in Firefox, and it wouldn't fit at all in IE6 and IE7. I looked at the then current home page in those browsers and found that it barely had any room even then:

So I had to do something anyway.

•To fix the problem, I put the news in a bulleted list, which is as it is now:

•The phrase "For more see our library Blog and our Government Documents Blog" works for me because it mentions that they are "our" blogs and not someone else's.
•I also thought about removing the words "full story" and just making the headlines links, but although most people would understand that, some users might not. Maybe later.
•I also put up the latest maps pages... but they don't have the new Career Services room added because I only heard about that recently. I'll get on that soon.

If these changes aren't satisfactory, I can change them back.

New Gov Docs blog layout?

It's the Gov Docs blog's turn to change now...

The blog's title is too long for me to use the ULM library banner, so I made a look-alike gradient instead. Whether or not the template will actually work on Karen's blog has yet to be seen.

You may be wondering "Will this blog change?"Well... I can't do that, really. Because this blog is parked on my ULM server space, and not, it won't allow me to change the template.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Latest Changes

•"Subject Librarians" now points to CSS file correctly
•"Staff And Departments" pages show correct room for KC
•Links are now underlined and turn ULM gold colors when visited or moused over

•New Reference Blog Layout

Long overdue, I reckon:

I know the the banner at the top is redundant, but Blogger won't let me get rid of it, even when I deleted it from the template myself. I got as close as I could by using colors and fonts from the library site, but Blogger's layouts can be restrictive.

Minutes for Feb 5, 2009

The ULMLWPC had a meeting on Feb.5th, 2009 which began at about 11:35 and ended at about 12:25pm. In attendance were:


These were the matters discussed and decisions made...

•the group headings on the home page should be made a bit bolder or easier to see in some fashion; indenting the links lists a little could help

•Future formatting should rely on CSS defined tags instead of using html all the time. This promotes uniformity.

•Is it possible to get blog usage stats? KN should look into it.

•change blogs colors to those on the new lib template [done-- KN]

•Hyperlink colors on subpages will be changes for better visibility

•News in the news box should link to a blog post (directly) (unless it really won't fit.) If it's not placed on the blog, an individual news page residing on the library domain should be made. Pages as they are forgotten Will get "lost" over time, while blog posts are saved, organized by date and tags, and are searchable.
So, the time not to use the blog would be when a) Your message, doesn't look right in the blog or b) the matter is temporaneous, and you would prefer that time to forgot it later on.

•KN should add info. about the dual building situation in the FAQ (conference center vs. library)

•Distance and off-campus should be separate pages. The Distance Ed. page should talk more about distance edu. problems and link to off-campus access.

•Records Management Forms, ...ask Cyndy? [This link will be moved to the Special Coll. pages after they are prepared --KN]

Ebrary and NetLibrary shall be place side-by-side

•Pages will no longer be dated-stamped at the bottom, so that they will always look young.

•There will be a Site Map with a link placed at the footer of each page

•KN is to ask The Dean about asking Richard Lupo to let us use some interior shots

•move blogs links to thw news box. Will remove the single link in the top area.

•A blogs page may be created if many more ULM library blogs are later made