Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confidentiality page + OPAC design

•Don told me about some broken links on the Confidentiality page, so I've changed them to working links on the ALA site, and I've also changed the Louisiana Statute link to go to the state's web site:

•gave CH the files and information needed to explain the upcoming OPAC design (deadline unknown, but it's evidently soon). We'll see how it turns out. The only real difference since I last talked about it is that I've made the logo smaller (yet slightly bigger than it appears on the home page), and saved it as a PNG.

Those jagged aliased edges on the GIF were bothering me. IE6 can't show transparent PNGs and will display the logo in a grey box, but that's all right. My goodness, it's 2009, after all-- PNGs are much better, so I choose to not appease IE6 in favor of not having an ugly logo.

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