Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More new changes

Recent changes...
  • Hours updated to say we'll be opening at 7am on July 2nd.
  • New ILLIAD page look-- it has a banner simialr to what we have now, and I changed the font to match the new site
  • -- through LOUIS I've found out how to edit the ILLIAD page's appearance. If we need to change it again, it can be done.
  • Note: According to the computing center, even though the captial letter ULM logo is on the website, the ULM circle logo like we had before is the offical ULM logo. So that's what I plan to put on most of the databases that allow graphic customizations. Although some of them already have the capital ULM logo for consistency
  • Blog  and Facebook banners updated with capital ULM logo
  • Off campus access page updated to match new site
  • Will the other deference librarians get website access? That is still unknown  but the outlook is not good.
Coming soon:

More work on Google Scholar. It doesn't work properly off-campus yet, but on campus it does work... but only if you tell Google to do that. It doesn't recognize ULM's IP address automatically, and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to. I've asked EBSCO support about this (EBSCO LinkSource is what makes GS work and we had to ask EBSCO to set it up for us), but I haven't heard back yet. If there's no good news by next week, I may reveal GA to the public anyway, since patrons have been asking for it for a long time.