Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Using the reference blog for reference

You know all those cards taped to the back of the bastion at the reference desk? It could be possible for us to post the information on the blog (not this one, the other one) and then all of that could be text-searchable (see the top left-hand corner). It could be easier than trying to find the right card hidden in the right place.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Thanks for creating the new web committee blog. I think this will be very helpful, at least to me.

Deciding what goes where....

Since we now can talk and exchange pictures, I guess we can use MS Paint to make up some templates. Just ignore the colors and everything else. If you have some ideas, add a picture, or comment about one.

Here's the blank one first:

And here's one I've made marks on:

Meeting minutes Dec 6th 2007 11:30am

In attendance:


New prototypes for the web pages were looked

-- Generally, content must be decided before all other page elements
-- the look and feel is less important
-- (but it still is important)
-- We want to give more thought to how links will be organized
-- more drop down menus?
-- Carita feels that having a background too dark reminds her of a funeral home
-- Several people feel that the night photo is too dark, or too strange
-- we must be wary of university standards
-- the library gets much of ULM's traffic
-- Mike says that single pages should be devoted to single items instead of being large with index links
-- Also there are some issues with the new computers