Thursday, May 30, 2013


The new website is up!

Many adjustments and compromises were made over its development. Let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

The old  library site is here if you need it, but it won't be there forever:

KN also has a backup of the old one on her computer.

CH and KN are looking to make more adjustments to the EZproxy to allow access to more journals off-campus

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New website update

New website

This past month the new website has been built,with many new pages and changes. The developing site is here:

The home page is of course the most important page, and currently is pending approval. There have been many versions.

The latest is:

Some previous versions include:

Library Reference Materials

The new site's Guides and Tutorials page is using the old pages since we don't know yet how we're going to get user privileges on the site for the other librarians. Most of the old tutorials from the current page have been removed for evaluation and may of them will need to be updated before they return to the new site.

Other current web site changes:

  • hours
  • new HTML hours page (like on new site)
  • news post about upcoming new site

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New website coming & more

Meeting on April 29th, 2013, 10am
In attendance: KN, CH, ML, LJ, CR

Due to lateness of KN, a fire alarm evacuation, and computer equipment failure, the meeting was loose and relatively brief.
  • KN explained what working with OU is like and showed some page examples
  • The amount of access ref. librarians will get on the new site is still unknown, KN says
  • The future use of EDS and the catalog was discussed
  • ML said she would start a ref. dept. meeting to discuss the ref. dept. pages and content (she did)
  • Other ideas for re-doing content on the new site were discussed
  • Deadline set as June 1  [not true anymore-- it will be much sooner after the semester ends --KN]

KN has been working on various pages for the new site. Here is the developing site (only works on campus):

And some extra home pages:

the ACM Digital Library has been tested and it works off-campus. It's status and name (formerly just "ACM") has been changed on the site. News of this has been placed on the blog.
Now all of the DBs we have which are supposed to work off campus do work off campus!

The new site will probably go live after the end of the semester. The plan is for KN to set up the main pages to work, and the ref. dept. can prepare its instructional content next.
Still no certain word from the CC on how/if ref. librarians will be allowed access to the new site. KN plans to no longer use directories or the directory