Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Since last time...

Since last post, adjustments were made to the Schedule & Hours page, the Workshops page, and Guides and Tutorials page. Also added news about the Archaeology Week event.

Recently, the workshops graphic was removed from the home page since no more will be scheduled this semester, and news about a business database trial was added to the news box.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hours, fall break, etc

Since last time...
  • Put up Fall Break hours & them posted to blog
  • fixed error in Full Schedule & Hours page to show when library depts. are closed (thanks MW)
  • Fixed broken link from old LOUIS site on some pages
  • Changed more databases logos to new ULM logo, including the Catalog

SirsiDynix's new catalog, BlueCloud PAC, is drawing closer. Beta version may be available for use through LOUIS in months

Monday, September 23, 2013

Since last time, logos, etc

  • With CH, fxed logos in EDS to the new logos, also EBSCO mobile
  • New logo placed on OCLC WorldCat, new OCLC account login acquired to do so. Can be used again later
  • Added new logos to ULM's LDL Collections
  • Updates to Workshops page
  • MW posted about Banned Books Week to facebook; link placed in the news box & image added to the slideshow
  • The off-campus access page's style design is broken, but it still functions. KN trying to fix it.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

new pages & other things

  • Hours changed for Labor day, the back again
  • New Annual Report released on About the Library page
  • Still updating some database logos to the new ULM logo. Worked with CH to make new logos for EDS, which we will later upload
  • Made new page for the library's Workshops and  accompanying graphics
  • New items added to the Guides and Tutorials page
  • Changed some remaining image and file URLs still on my "ulm.edu/~niemla" to be on the library site. They were never broken, but just somewhere else.
  • Set up EZproxy for Clinical Pharmacology for the Pharmacy School. However, its link it not to be shared with non-Pharm. students and won't appear on the website.
  • EDS has issues with doing meta-searching. Not sure what to do with it yet
  • Put new LOUIS logo on database web pages, but most of the ones in the DBs themselves are put there by LOUIS so they won't be changed right away louis

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hours, logos, etc

Since the last post...
  • More hours adjustments for the new semester and labor day
  • Some of the database which have branding logos have been changed over to the new logo. I've contacted publishers for help, and some have already responded. EDS will be more complex since that requires EBSCOAdmin access.
  • Google Scholar instructions added to the website. It appears to be working well enough, but our library links don't appear in GS automatically on campus by IP address. Oh well.
  • Added new updated YouTube videos for Interlibrary Loan and Off-Campus Access. More could be made
  • made small edits to our to YouTube page so that it has at least some background. Can be changed.
  • A web page for the upcoming reference workshops will be made when needed

Friday, August 16, 2013

New Semester Stuff

Various changes have been made to the library website for the new semester:
  • It is not possible to get editing website for all librarians. I will do the editing for us, but it may be possible for us to have one more OmniUpdate user if needed
  • A new ULM logo was unveiled on Aug. 12th. I now have a set of the new logos, and I'll begin replacing the old ones on our site and databases soon
  • Hours adjusted for intersesssion / summer
  • New hours added to schedule online
  • All library item links residing on ~name domains have been removed, which includes tutorial files, subject guides, etc. If you want yours added, email it to me and I'll add it to the site.
  • The Guides and Tutorials has been re-done, so only items you-all have asked me to post are up there. I've added links to our YouTube Channel videos also. 
  • Clinicalkey, New Pharmacy Database, https://ulm.idm.oclc.org/login?url=http://www.clinicalkey.com/ , added to site

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hours, off-campus page

  • The hours have been changed to summer session after the Independence Holiday
  • the Off-Campus Access page picture has been changed to show the new off-campus login page

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hours, ILL, Google Scholar...

  • Updated holiday hours now show on the website's left-hand sidebar; will later be changed after the break
  • New image instructions for the Interlibrary Loan page, showing the new banner and fonts
  • Google Scholar: still doesn't work automatically; if it does, it's often a fluke. No answers yet. But it's still functional if the user asks it to work.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

More new changes

Recent changes...
  • Hours updated to say we'll be opening at 7am on July 2nd.
  • New ILLIAD page look-- it has a banner simialr to what we have now, and I changed the font to match the new site
  • -- through LOUIS I've found out how to edit the ILLIAD page's appearance. If we need to change it again, it can be done.
  • Note: According to the computing center, even though the captial letter ULM logo is on the website, the ULM circle logo like we had before is the offical ULM logo. So that's what I plan to put on most of the databases that allow graphic customizations. Although some of them already have the capital ULM logo for consistency
  • Blog  and Facebook banners updated with capital ULM logo
  • Off campus access page updated to match new site
  • Will the other deference librarians get website access? That is still unknown  but the outlook is not good.
Coming soon:

More work on Google Scholar. It doesn't work properly off-campus yet, but on campus it does work... but only if you tell Google to do that. It doesn't recognize ULM's IP address automatically, and I'm pretty sure it's supposed to. I've asked EBSCO support about this (EBSCO LinkSource is what makes GS work and we had to ask EBSCO to set it up for us), but I haven't heard back yet. If there's no good news by next week, I may reveal GA to the public anyway, since patrons have been asking for it for a long time.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


The new website is up!

Many adjustments and compromises were made over its development. Let me know if you have any concerns or questions.

The old  library site is here if you need it, but it won't be there forever:

KN also has a backup of the old one on her computer.

CH and KN are looking to make more adjustments to the EZproxy to allow access to more journals off-campus

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New website update

New website

This past month the new website has been built,with many new pages and changes. The developing site is here:


The home page is of course the most important page, and currently is pending approval. There have been many versions.

The latest is:

Some previous versions include:

Library Reference Materials

The new site's Guides and Tutorials page is using the old ulm.edu/~person pages since we don't know yet how we're going to get user privileges on the site for the other librarians. Most of the old tutorials from the current page have been removed for evaluation and may of them will need to be updated before they return to the new site.

Other current web site changes:

  • hours
  • new HTML hours page (like on new site)
  • news post about upcoming new site

Sunday, May 5, 2013

New website coming & more

Meeting on April 29th, 2013, 10am
In attendance: KN, CH, ML, LJ, CR

Due to lateness of KN, a fire alarm evacuation, and computer equipment failure, the meeting was loose and relatively brief.
  • KN explained what working with OU is like and showed some page examples
  • The amount of access ref. librarians will get on the new site is still unknown, KN says
  • The future use of EDS and the catalog was discussed
  • ML said she would start a ref. dept. meeting to discuss the ref. dept. pages and content (she did)
  • Other ideas for re-doing content on the new site were discussed
  • Deadline set as June 1  [not true anymore-- it will be much sooner after the semester ends --KN]

KN has been working on various pages for the new site. Here is the developing site (only works on campus):


And some extra home pages:

the ACM Digital Library has been tested and it works off-campus. It's status and name (formerly just "ACM") has been changed on the site. News of this has been placed on the blog.
Now all of the DBs we have which are supposed to work off campus do work off campus!

The new site will probably go live after the end of the semester. The plan is for KN to set up the main pages to work, and the ref. dept. can prepare its instructional content next.
Still no certain word from the CC on how/if ref. librarians will be allowed access to the new site. KN plans to no longer use ulm.edu/~name directories or the ulm.edu/~govdoc directory

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Changes for new EZproxy, hours, etc

Since the last update...
  • Made changes to the hours for the spring holiday, then changed them back after
  • Removed all the "special" links for EBSCOhost from the site, since they are no longer necessary. MEDLINE w/ Full Text and CMMC are working great now.
  • Made instructions for recovering lost LOUIS EBSCO folder accounts, with anchor link, : http://www.ulm.edu/library/offcampus.html#folder
  • Posted news about the off campus access changes to the blog and home page news box
  • Now preparing EDS for expanded use. FYI, here is its link again:  http://atoz.ebsco.com/link.asp?id=1412&rid=2794470
    • There are some new menu options on the EDS home page linking to our own pages. I don't know how those got there, but it does show it's possible to customize that part.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

EZproxy + the catalog + newsletter

At 11am today KN was in a conference call about EZproxy with an OCLC rep., JG and LS from LOUIS, and CE. It was almost 40 min. long.

OCLC and LOUIS talked for a long time about getting the files that make LOUIS and ULM's proxy work together. We will be able to start testing the server this week, and KN has been given a test server to look at. KN will need to get in contact with JG  and do the testing with him because he has to change something on the LOUIS server to test the new OCLC one.

Once all the testing is done and we're ready to move everything over to the new server, KN will need to change the URL prefix on the library web pages, and CH will need to change those in EBSCO AtoZ as well.

All vendors must be informed of the new external IP Address for the new OCLC EZproxy server.  LS from LOUIS says she will inform the vendors LOUIS deals with. KN has informed the non-LOUIS vendors which use EZproxy (there are a few that use other authentication) about the changes, including EBSCO.

KN was at the 2013 COSUGI conference, thanks to LOUIS. Some LOUIS personnel and other LA librarians were also there (including KC, who used to be in the ULMLWPC).

The big news about SirsiDynix is that they have come out with a new "BlueCloud" catalog, to be available this summer, they say. There was very little talk about e-Library at the conference, because it is no longer SirsiDynix's true focus, even though they continue to support it.  This explains why e-Library has been so clunky over the recent years.

This means that along with the new website we're making, we and other LA libraries need to accept that it's the end of the road for e-Library, and a new catalog solution must be chosen, whether that's EDS, BlueCloud, Enterprise, or whatever. SirsiDynix says BlueCloud is "free" with "your maintenance," but it's unclear even to LOUIS what "free" really means.
Part of this decision will be made by LALINC and LOUIS. But a decision must be made. We cannot use e-Library forever.

Added CR's New Special Collections newsletter, Fall '12 & Spring '13, to the archives page, and announced it on our news blog and home page.

Thanks to MW and CH, some old names and URLs to EBSCO component databases were updated last week. Most of those are the HW Wilson titles that got bought and absorbed by EBSCO. They now have their own direct links and have been added to the DB lists, ART subject page, and HISTORY page.

New links:
Art Full Text (H.W. Wilson)
Art Index Retrospective: 1929-1984 (H.W. Wilson)
World History Collection
Same DBs, new names:
French Business Source® Vente et Gestion is now just Vente et Gestion
Environmental Issues & Policy Index™ is now just Environmental Issues

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Friday, February 15, 2013

latest changes & EZproxy

Recent changes & news:
  • Posted Mardi Gras hours, then later returned hours to normal
  • posted Closed for Mardi Gras news
  • Edited Special Collections/Archives pages with CR
EZproxy update:
Had phone conference with the OCLC EZproxy team, CE at the CC, and Lisa & John at LOUIS to talk about implementing new EZproxy instance. It seems very feasible. OCLC asked me to contact EBSCO to ask if the new EZproxy server will work for them. EBSCO believes it will solve our problems and work even with LOUIS in the picture. I sent an email to the OCLC EZproxy team reporting this and said that we're ready to proceed. Haven't heard back yet.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dec 12, 2012, meeting minutes & news

Dec. 12, 2012, Passman Room
ULMLWPC Meeting minutes

In attendance:
  • Given that there is not enough time between now and Jan 14, when classes begin, the group decided to wait until just after the Spring 2013 semester ends to roll out the new library website
    • Also a problem, on this very day KN was given OmniUpdate access (the new ULM.edu platform), giving little time to learn it
  • KN mentioned the possibility of having a hybrid of the old and new site, with the new ULM banner site appearing at the top
  • Some time was spent discussing what the new EZproxy service will be like and how it could be implemented on the site. (not long before the library received a grant to upgrade EZproxy) for It was not known at that time how quickly the new EZproxy account could be set up.
  • KN said she had been able to produce a working EBSCO Discovery Service search box, which could be deployed now if we wished, except that the EZproxy troubles complicate this
  • Some times was spent talking about EDS itself, and how useful it would be for the library versus its subscription cost. In order for it to be worth its price, an EDS search will likely need to fit into the library home page.
  • KN said The fate of the ulm.edu/~personname domains and the possibility getting all librarians some form of site access is still unknown, though she has made its critical importance clear to RG at the CC. There is a possibility that the reference librarian pages could be made to look like the main website, but KN pointed out that she has no way of enforcing the design template on those areas as on the rest of the site. Having OmniUpdate Access for all librarians, even on one reference account, would be best.
  • The group looked at some demonstration designs KN made from the existing new ULM site template
  • Simplification and consolidation of links and pages will likely be necessary
  • More specifics of the redesign will be discussed at a later date

Latest Website Changes:

  • The order with OCLC to get the EZproxy service has been completed, but they say it could take up to 4 weeks to implement. KN, CR, and CE from the CC had a telephone meeting with OCLC's EZproxy team. They need more information about LOUIS and how its resources are authenticated. Another meeting with LOUIS in attendance may be necessary.
  • The hours on the home page were again changed to show the holiday hours, then later to Wintersession, and now the Spring Schedule
  • the hours.pdf full schedule was changed to the Spring schedule, with the spring graphic on the page
  • During the weather closings and MLK Holiday, the hours were again changed
  • news of a PrivCo database trial added to news box, blog, and facebook
  • news of the library being open during the weather closures and a JSTOR maintenance period were added to news box and blog, then removed
  • An ERIC documents problem has been added to news box, blog, , and facebook