Thursday, March 5, 2009

Completed and upcoming changes...

•Added a "troubleshooting" section to the Off-campus access

•added a question to the FAQ about connection problems

•I'll add more to the site about reserves as soon as I'm sure which form should be used. The library site has 2 of them. (honestly I should've done this earlier)

•As we have no money for a pro photographer, I am with Don's permission going to take pictures of the library interior for random-loading picture on the site (you know, the thing I've been talking about for a year). I will try to make them look "nice."

•Even noticed how the top grey bar is fatter in IE and Chrome? I'd like to fix that. However, that's how it was when we got it from R.G., and if he couldn't fix it, maybe I can't either.

•To the tier2.css file, I have added this line:
#navlist li { list-style-type: square; }
This makes it possible to have square bullets in a bulleted list. I think square bullets are a better match to our site's geometic appearance, but it's not urgent (to say I cared deeply about bullets would almost literally be nitpicking).

•the "special needs" (handicapped) part of the FAQ has been expanded. This link can be added to other pages that need to mention Special Needs info.
I've now added it to "for students," "for faculty" and "Library Services to the Local Community"

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