Thursday, July 10, 2008

Minutes for July 10th, 2008

The ULMLWPC had a meeting on July 10th which began at about 11:37 and ended at about 12:15pm. In attendance were:

(did I miss anyone?)

-- The committee decided to focus on sub-page content today

-- "Design" issues are not priority right now. There is still some confusion as to who exactly will be responsibile for that, but it will certainly involve Rob Glaze, Mike Magee, and Karen Niemla, at least.
[This process will begin as soon as it possible.]

-- The committee decided to assign pages to be developed so that the content will be ready [guidelines to follow]

-- The assignments are...

Databases by name
Databases by Subject

Off-campus access
The Reference Desk
Distance Learning
Purchase requests
Job Opportunities

For faculty/Staff
For Students

Ask A Librarian
Subject Librarians
Style Guides
Staff and Departments
Interlibrary Loan [will no longer simply link to Iliad]
Tours and Instruction

Visitor Information
History [um, of the library]
For the Community

Friends of the Library

Computer Lab [not marked on sheet, but I assume it's his]

[these links don't truly need anything new in terms of content or will be handled in a special way. If they do later, we can arrange something]
Subject Guides
Floor Plan
Annual report

[Did I miss anything?]

Everyone who has been assigned pages, please stand by for further instructions.

Guidelines to Make Life Easier:

0. No images, no cells. Just plain text or plain html text. If you have pictures that must be included, have them ready for later but not actually in the document.

1. If, during the course of your composition, you start to feel that your page may be too big or if you're not sure what your page is for, you may post to the blog (or email me/us) and ask about eliminating or splitting up that subject link.

2. Very small page content is O.K. as long as the page is needed because hopefully the design will allow it. This is one situation where the two blend (I've explained this before: )

3. If you compose in Word or something like that, any formatting you do (italics, bold, lines, etc.) will be lost because it will be converted to plain text first.

If you want to use formatting and keep it, you may if you use Seamonkey or another html composer. Then using your copy later will be easy because part of the work will already be done. I highly recommend it (having learned the hard way).

But if all this is too confusing... just go to your computer and click start => programs => accessories => Notepad. This makes clean plain text all the time, every time.

4. Is your page going to link to another page in the text? Make a note of it, and it can be added later.

5. Is your page going to reside on the directory? If so, you do not need to wait. You likely have ftp access to this directory and may upload any pages you deem suitable as long as the rest of the reference staff is O.K. with it. However, "design" is subject to change, and just because the page is there doesn't mean that anyone is acutally linking to it.

6. Deadline: August 7th.
If you have questions before then, post to the blog or email someone else on the committee. (I'll mention again that if you don't have a Gmail account, you may email your message to me and I'll post it for you)

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