Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Departments & Faculty/Staff Page

Okay, here's how it is. I want our depts./people page to look something like this one: Cook Library, USM, but without a lot of the visual noise they have. It's arranged (somewhat loosely) by department, with people in those departments listed underneath.

I would like to arrange our directory page alphabetically by departments, with the people who work in those departments listed underneath, in alphabetical order.

To keep from having a stroke, and because I am unfamiliar with tables in Blogger blogs, and because I am loathe to create such a page in Nvu, knowing it won't look the way I want, I created a Microsoft table that basically mimics Cook Library's look but with the arrangement I would like. It is admittedly very rough and not pretty, but we don't care about design at this point, and I trust the designers will make it much prettier when we are done.

One more thing: underlined departments and people indicate those depts. and people who have web pages. I did not include links. And I have not created individual pages for departments. I have only attempted to combine the departments and faculty/staff page into one directory page.

Now, without further ado - my Microsoft word doc Directory.

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