Monday, July 14, 2008

2 quick things....

A) Anchor text links
For a while I've been trying to argue that form and content aren't truly separate in html composition because it's nothing like paper. How could I have forgotten one of the best ways to prove that: Text anchors.
If being able to link within the page is an integral part of how the page will "work," plan ahead for that please. However, if you're composing in html right now and you try to add them at this stage the "links"may change as the file's name or position changes. Fixing it shouldn't be too difficult, though.

B)gif. problem solved?
I've found that saving .gifs with Fireworks makes for higher-quality .gifs. Adobe products could likely do even better. Just something to keep in mind, that's all.


Megan Lowe said...

Nobody has argued that the two are inseparable. I know what you're saying - that the format of the text will affect how it displays on the page, which undoubtedly is design.

HOWEVER: we can't worry about format at this point. We can worry about format later. We have to focus on the hard copy, on the content. If we're trying to sort out text and format at the same time, it's going to slow us down. If we want to keep the August 7th deadline alive and reasonable, we have to focus only on the text itself. Does that make sense?

Karen N. said...

Yeah, I do see what you mean. Fortunately, the non-content elements are being developed simultaneously.