Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Copy: Find articles--->Off-campus access

Find articles--->Off-campus access

Even when you're not on campus, you can still access most of the Library's databases and other online resources. You will, however, need to log in to our proxy server so we know you are affiliated with ULM. To do this:

*Select the resource you want to use [link to databases page]. You should be redirected to a login page.
*Your username is you CWID number and your PIN is your birth month and year in MMYY format. Select ULM from the drop-down menu of schools.
*Now you should see the database you selected and be able to search it just as you would on campus.

If you're having problems accessing our databases from off-campus, please give us a call at the Reference desk (342-1071).

NetLibrary account

If you plan to use any of our NetLibrary e-books [http://www.netlibrary.com] from off-campus, you'll need to set up a NetLibrary account while you're on campus. Simply go to the NetLibrary homepage [http://www.netlibrary.com/] and click on 'Create a Free Account' in the upper right corner. You can choose your own username and password for this one, but make sure you don't forget them since we have no way to retrieve them for you! Once the account is created, you can use it from off campus to access the e-books linked from our catalog.


[This is not part of the page copy!] Comments and critiques are welcome--I feel some of the NetLibrary section might be redundant, and like I typed NetLibrary too many times.

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Megan Lowe said...

Man, I like how concise your off-campus find articles copy is. Nice! Same for the NetLibrary account. I see what you mean about using NetLibrary over and over again, but I don't think it's too redundant - I don't think we can be *too* clear, if you know what I mean.

Is it in your mind to have screencaps or anything to go along with the text?