Wednesday, September 11, 2013

new pages & other things

  • Hours changed for Labor day, the back again
  • New Annual Report released on About the Library page
  • Still updating some database logos to the new ULM logo. Worked with CH to make new logos for EDS, which we will later upload
  • Made new page for the library's Workshops and  accompanying graphics
  • New items added to the Guides and Tutorials page
  • Changed some remaining image and file URLs still on my "" to be on the library site. They were never broken, but just somewhere else.
  • Set up EZproxy for Clinical Pharmacology for the Pharmacy School. However, its link it not to be shared with non-Pharm. students and won't appear on the website.
  • EDS has issues with doing meta-searching. Not sure what to do with it yet
  • Put new LOUIS logo on database web pages, but most of the ones in the DBs themselves are put there by LOUIS so they won't be changed right away louis

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