Friday, February 15, 2013

latest changes & EZproxy

Recent changes & news:
  • Posted Mardi Gras hours, then later returned hours to normal
  • posted Closed for Mardi Gras news
  • Edited Special Collections/Archives pages with CR
EZproxy update:
Had phone conference with the OCLC EZproxy team, CE at the CC, and Lisa & John at LOUIS to talk about implementing new EZproxy instance. It seems very feasible. OCLC asked me to contact EBSCO to ask if the new EZproxy server will work for them. EBSCO believes it will solve our problems and work even with LOUIS in the picture. I sent an email to the OCLC EZproxy team reporting this and said that we're ready to proceed. Haven't heard back yet.

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