Friday, August 16, 2013

New Semester Stuff

Various changes have been made to the library website for the new semester:
  • It is not possible to get editing website for all librarians. I will do the editing for us, but it may be possible for us to have one more OmniUpdate user if needed
  • A new ULM logo was unveiled on Aug. 12th. I now have a set of the new logos, and I'll begin replacing the old ones on our site and databases soon
  • Hours adjusted for intersesssion / summer
  • New hours added to schedule online
  • All library item links residing on ~name domains have been removed, which includes tutorial files, subject guides, etc. If you want yours added, email it to me and I'll add it to the site.
  • The Guides and Tutorials has been re-done, so only items you-all have asked me to post are up there. I've added links to our YouTube Channel videos also. 
  • Clinicalkey, New Pharmacy Database, , added to site

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