Thursday, February 5, 2009

Minutes for Feb 5, 2009

The ULMLWPC had a meeting on Feb.5th, 2009 which began at about 11:35 and ended at about 12:25pm. In attendance were:


These were the matters discussed and decisions made...

•the group headings on the home page should be made a bit bolder or easier to see in some fashion; indenting the links lists a little could help

•Future formatting should rely on CSS defined tags instead of using html all the time. This promotes uniformity.

•Is it possible to get blog usage stats? KN should look into it.

•change blogs colors to those on the new lib template [done-- KN]

•Hyperlink colors on subpages will be changes for better visibility

•News in the news box should link to a blog post (directly) (unless it really won't fit.) If it's not placed on the blog, an individual news page residing on the library domain should be made. Pages as they are forgotten Will get "lost" over time, while blog posts are saved, organized by date and tags, and are searchable.
So, the time not to use the blog would be when a) Your message, doesn't look right in the blog or b) the matter is temporaneous, and you would prefer that time to forgot it later on.

•KN should add info. about the dual building situation in the FAQ (conference center vs. library)

•Distance and off-campus should be separate pages. The Distance Ed. page should talk more about distance edu. problems and link to off-campus access.

•Records Management Forms, ...ask Cyndy? [This link will be moved to the Special Coll. pages after they are prepared --KN]

Ebrary and NetLibrary shall be place side-by-side

•Pages will no longer be dated-stamped at the bottom, so that they will always look young.

•There will be a Site Map with a link placed at the footer of each page

•KN is to ask The Dean about asking Richard Lupo to let us use some interior shots

•move blogs links to thw news box. Will remove the single link in the top area.

•A blogs page may be created if many more ULM library blogs are later made

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