Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lots of changes today

Today I...

• Made the site map. It looks a little confusig, but most Site Maps I've met look like this. Site Maps are something that some people seem to like, but I personally never use. I tried to include everything we have. This list has also the purpose of keeping us organized.

• Thanks to Notepad++, changing all the pages to include the new "Site Map" link took about 20 seconds, all at the same time. However, since they all needed to be uploaded again, I inspected the code of each file for quality before uploading (using better tags, as discussed at the last meeting). Quite a few of them are re-done.

• I've re-named some pages. This means that any links to those pages that I might've missed won't work. I used Notepad++ to find and change all instances of these file names. However, that couldn't have worked in any files I didn't check. Please inform me if something is going wrong.

contact1.html ==> contact.html
tours.html ==> instruction.html
mappage1.html ==> mappage.html
service1.html ==> forstudents.html
staffnew.html ==> staffdept.html
FAQ3.html ==> FAQ.html
tutorials1.html ==> tutorials.html
history1.html ==> history.html

• On the Off-Campus Access page, I've added "(Remote Access)," because some people call it that.

• There will be times when underlined links won't look right on subpages. I've made an alternate set of link formatting for such times:
.altlink a:link { color: #600; text-decoration: none; }
.altlink a:visited { color: #a39058; text-decoration: none; }
.altlink a:hover { color: #660000; text-decoration: none; font-weight: bold;}
.altlink a:active { color: red }
It sits in the same CSS file. CSS allows as many link colors as you want.

• I've added a bit to the FAQ about the conference center. The formatting fixes aren't done yet because there is so much to do (it's basically the same document I made in 2007, so the markup is messed up) but I've been working on it.

• Not changed but will be: ILL, computerlab, Distance Learning, Special Collections, Ask a Librarian form (not mine, though). New map also coming.

• "/govdocs/" will need the site map link, which I'll soon provide

• I deleted these files also:

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