Friday, February 6, 2009

Home page changes

I thought I'd add the blog links to the news box. But I ran into a problem: There was barely enough room in Firefox, and it wouldn't fit at all in IE6 and IE7. I looked at the then current home page in those browsers and found that it barely had any room even then:

So I had to do something anyway.

•To fix the problem, I put the news in a bulleted list, which is as it is now:

•The phrase "For more see our library Blog and our Government Documents Blog" works for me because it mentions that they are "our" blogs and not someone else's.
•I also thought about removing the words "full story" and just making the headlines links, but although most people would understand that, some users might not. Maybe later.
•I also put up the latest maps pages... but they don't have the new Career Services room added because I only heard about that recently. I'll get on that soon.

If these changes aren't satisfactory, I can change them back.


Dr. Karen J. Cook said...

I would like to point out that I didn't make this post on home page changes--obviously, Karen Niemla did. I'm not sure why it appeared under my name.

I would also like to suggest that the "For more, see our Blog and our Government Documents Blog" be changed to "For more, see our Multi-Topic & Government Documents Blogs" or "For more, see our Reference & Government Documents Blogs".

This posting really IS from KC. :-)

Karen N. said...

What the heck...?! I guess I accidentally changed my name when I tried to make a test blog that looked exactly like yours. How foolish of me.

I think I'll use your "For more, see our Reference & Government Documents Blogs" suggestion. It sounds and fits better.