Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some things done...

I'm embarrassed that I've been such a harpy about deadlines, and yet I haven't submitted anything to this page yet. I've been busy with another website, the 404 page of which has some ULM in it.

Anyway, of my parts, here's what's done so far:

Tutorials - It will be a plain version of this page with some new things linked on it.

Comments - This is likely be a .php form that emails itself to reference. I don't have the authority to make that, but I would include fields for:

comment/question (a text box)

(It is possible, by the way, to include a radio button asking the user to specify a type of comment, but that would just complicate things unnecessarily)

Yet to do:
For faculty/Staff
For Students

I hope/plan to have those done before tomorrow.

Also, an update on the site progress:
It's not quite ready to be seen yet, and that's all right, because several members will be missing, and that's all right too because we can discuss the pages we've been making (it doesn't have to be a full hour).

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