Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The new page design

The new page design is done, but it's secret for now, so I won't publish the link here. If you need the link again, ask me and I'll email it to you.

--It's classy, but too much so. I think it's a more boring that I'd like :-/ But you know me: "Gradients blah blah gradients etc." It does match other pages on the ulm.edu domain, and that's good. Yet I always was dreaming of something that was very different from the other ULM pages. The Computing Center does that: http://www.ulm.edu/computingcenter/

--The major content on the right fits into 800x600, but the whole thing requires scrolling. But maybe that's all right? Hmm. I can't tell.

--I'm still a bit adverse to using a drop-down menu for databses. A faculty member once told me how much she did not like the one on the main ULM page because it is too big to use.
But usability isn't the purpose of that menu. It's purpose is satisfying someone (usually just one person) who absolutely demands that a particular link be on the page. That is the only reason I'd want it, and it's a good reason, actually. Yet there's something inherently wrong with making a design decision based on fear and intimidation.
I think it would be braver to "just say no," but it would be much easier to appease.

Oh... forget it. Let's just go ahead and let it stay there. After all, it's small enough to ignore.

--So, in short: slightly smaller table, better colors. That's all I think it needs. That's not much, so actually I do like the page! :-)

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