Thursday, August 21, 2008

Minutes for Aug. 21, 2008

The ULMLWPC had a meeting on Aug. 28 which began at about 11:37 and ended at about 12:15pm. In attendance were:

(did I miss anyone?)

We talked about nothing but the home page at the ULMLWPC meeting today. Everyone is very happy with the look for the upcoming home page. We didn't have anything major to say. These are the changes we discussed...

--We decided to implement the new catalog search box by completely removing the "catalog" and "search collections" bit and replacing it with the search box and some links to other catalogs (if they can fit).
This is a plain html example of what we want (and it has the working html code too):
Web feat will go below it.
(No, actually, the direct link to the Advanced search doesn't work. I'm not really sure how to make it work. Also, "advanced" may need to be shortened to "Adv." if it is too long.)

--The pages and category headings need to be more easily differentiated (Mike suggested reversing the colors). We're not sure how to put a finger on it, really, but it seems a little bit too "flat." (sorry we have nothing more useful to explain it) Maybe the headings just need to be a teeny bit bigger, or a different font... can't really tell.

--we want the phone number "318-342-1063" at the bottom (or maybe "Ex. 1063" if it won't fit)

-- Remove "the" before "Reference Desk"

--Everyone is all right with the size of the table for the home page. (Sub-page size subject to change)

--We do want the large image to be a random image shown on page load. There are various way to do that.

--The sub-pages' names will be on/inside the banners, and Mike has elected to do this.

--I made (well, copied) some PHP and made a working form that emails itself to a given address (in this case, my gmail account). It won't work by itself on the ULM site because it requires PHP.
It is intended as a contact form for questions and comments. How this can be added to the library site in some way so that it looks like a regular page is yet to be seen.

--Truth be told, all the page content isn't done yet, but a lot of it is.

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Megan Lowe said...

What pages need doing? I'd be glad to work on some.