Monday, September 8, 2008

Secondary Webpage Draft Design For Review (Mike)

The link below will show a draft design with design notes for the secondary webpage template for the new Library Website Redesign.



Karen N. said...

I'm sorry it took so long to respond to this. 

--Where are the
other parts of the page? Is is implied that they are going to be there? I liked the one you made before this one better. This design in this post looks too similar to our current appearance.

--The fonts on the banner could be better, and there may be too many of them.

--The font on the left-hand side looks like it's a member of the Times New Roman family, or is otherwise similar.  These fonts are not at all in style, and here is one article explaining why that is so.  There is actually a MySpace group against Times with 181 members ,
and something like that on Facebook too.  Its extreme ubiquity is its biggest problem; Times New Roman is clunky and undesirable because of its own standard status, which is paradoxically what makes it so perfect for print. (To clarify:  I'm not criticizing you, I'm criticizing Times here)
When dealing with graphics, you don't ever
have to worry about whether or not the user can display the font.  That means you can use
special fonts that aren't pre-installed if you so desire.
However, if using Times New Roman cannot be avoided, here is an article explaining some ways in which Times
can be fixed to look all right

--The orange on the banner doesn't match. It's probably meant to be dark gold, but it's coming out orange on most monitors I've seen it on. The numbers for the two official types of ULM gold are #a39058, and #cfad46

It's so close.  Here's a side-by-side comparison of #cfad46 and your gold.  It's really close, but just not quite there. Maybe #a39058 will be less orange-y.

--I did like the right-hand image better in Rob Glaze's original design.  I am also still very fond of the idea of making it possible to have more than one image and have them load randomly on page load.  That way, we
could include many different pictures, including the interior. I have code that makes that work, as I've in the past demonstrated. We're so much more than the building.  It's an imposing structure, and having a way of showing people who/what we really are.  The building is literally an icon, and that's good, but it's bad for helping people understand the place.

--What color background will the whole table go on?  If it's white, I would advise against that.  It's too sharp. (and will this indeed be in a centered table?)

--Again, I like how the catalog search was added However, it should be closer to the banner (no separation) so that the page background doesn't show through.

Karen N. said...

And... on yet another monitor, both of the colors look like gold like they're supposed to and not very orange. Weird, but common.