Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comic Sans: Urgent Information For Your Daily Life.

I'm only posting this because it's very important to know in such a way that if you won the lottery and moved to a mansion in Lake Tahoe, you'd still need to know this (and that's not hyperbole). I know I'm "passionate" about a lot of things, but this time I'm not just seeing things.

What can I say about the font Comic Sans? I think this image can explain it:

I don't mean to offend any human beings. However, if Comic Sans itself actually had feelings, I'd gladly tell it that its mother wears army boots.
Comic Sans is always (always, always) a very bad idea. I didn't make that rule up; the internet did. So I'll let it do the talking for me:

First of all, even John Stossel says no. (wait, that's better than the internet, it's network TV!)

Wikipedia's "Comic Sans" article has a section about the "Anti–Comic Sans movement."

There is a whole website calling for the banning of the font, with examples as to why and alternative fonts you can use.

If you do a Google search for "worst fonts" almost all of the results mention "Comic Sans"

There are too many web pages that berate Comic Sans, but here's one. This page, 420 Design Blog, has rather a complete explanation:
And the number 1 worst font: Comic Sans The absolute worst font ever. Hey, when there's a website dedicated to banning you, you know you're beyond overused. From what I've gathered, apparently this font gives people an impression of "friendliness." I guess I can see that. But, like Papyrus, why do folks insist on using it for longer bits of text? Comic Sans' angles are so abrupt and strange that it doesn't make for quick reading or scanning. And frankly, that "friendliness" reads more child-like than anything else. So if you're using it for your business... it's not exactly the most professional image in the world.
Since Comic Sans is a commonly pre-installed font, its use is too common and many people are unaware that's there's anything wrong with it. Now you know.

Feel free to email this post link to anyone you know, if you like. The less Comic Sans there is in the world, the better it will be.

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