Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One more thing! Sub-page width!

It's so obvious, I totally forgot! We decided that going 100% page length for the sub pages was all right (to accommodate varying amounts of content), But I forgot about what the width would be. The size of the home page is all right as it is, because the cell with the important links will all fit in a small window. However, that won't work for the sub-pages:

It won't fit 800x600. There will be content sprawling out everywhere if it's too big, but too small, and there will be too much empty space on hi-res displays. As Goldilocks does... what is just right?

I think the table width for the sub-pages should be exactly 700. This is what that could possibly look like (this is a picture of a real html page):

And at 1280, 1024:

Of course, I'm very biased to think that 700 pixels is good, because the table width on the site I administer is 660 pixels.

So here's the question: Should the width of the main table of the page be 700 pixels?

a) yes
c) wider (please specify number)
d) Not enough information / we should discuss this in person

You don't have to stick to the multiple-choice format if you have more to say of course. Post about it here too if you like. Your decision can also be to put it off if you can't judge from the information given.

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Karen Cook said...

I am not sure about a hard width limitation.

But, as you think we need another meeting, why not plan to discuss this there?