Thursday, April 17, 2008

Some more things...

I'm making these comments separate from the minutes so that my dictation won't be a part of it.

Looking at it now, the "services" list is a little bit long. That's not a columnar problem-- it can can fit in, I'm sure, but for eye-scanning it's maybe a bit too much to handle. This could be solved once we start making other categories. They may fit into those (so these currently finished categories are mutable). Or we could try some other ideas like these:

-- remove "for student," because at ULM, the motto is "students first!" and it should be assumed that everything on the page is for them unless otherwise noted. ULM is for teaching, right?

-- separate the actions that occur in the library itself (and nowhere else), as in, things one must do on-site?

-- stick "purchase requests" at the bottom on the home page, but mention it agagin on the little faculty page we make (and probably again on the reference page, which I plan to redo as soon as we decide where all this stuff is going to)?

-- I've just remembered that the first demo front-page I made last semester had 5 category groups on it rather than 4:
I like less better, but if we need more, I guess we'll have to add more.

Also, Who represents The Friends of the Library? Would it be worth asking them how they feel about their link being called "Be Our Friend"? I know it sounds really (really) corny, but it asks the audience to do something and includes them while "Friends of the Library" seems like something they don't have to feel a part of. Maybe it could increase membership?

BTW, calling it "visitor" info rather than "driving" is also great because not everyone drives to get here (now how could I forget that?). The #1 and #5 go to ULM. I just know these things.

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Megan Lowe said...

My thing about the length of the services list: I know what you're saying about eye-scanning and whatnot, but I think we have to bear in mind that we're trying to limit the number of categories, too. A category might have to be lengthy in order to incorporate all that we want on the page.

I don't think it's necessary to separate the actions the occur in the library from those that can/are done remotely.

I'm on-board with the "purchase requests" idea.

As for the Friends of the Library: currently that has become the purview of Cyndy in Special Collections. She's probably the person you should talk to about Friends.

And I like calling it "visitor" versus driving/directions.