Tuesday, April 15, 2008

3 things...

There are 3 things I should mention before I forget about them.

1. breadcrumbs

A nagging voice in my head is saying "why haven't you talked about this before? Navigation is crucially important!"

I'm not bringing it up because it's hard, but because it is easy. Here's an example of what that could be like (look at the top):
It's just one table with 2 images in it-- very simple. And of course all of those would be links in real life. The banner would also serve as a way to tie all our pages together. The gradient color could be changed to gold for pages with maroon backgrounds.

I think that users would really appreciate that, because I know I do. However, there's no need to worry about it until we decide some other things first.

2. Link box: Sic et non

I've figured out how to make a scrolling box with links in it. Here is the example:
I suppose there are other ways to do this, but this is one way. Part-way through working on it, I remmebered that I didn't want one...

(I cannot believe I fotgot about this; I remmeber it so well) PSU used something like that to access their (many, many) databases while I was going there. It was very cumbersome. While discussing library web pages in a class in library school, I mentioned it and we all looked at it, and most of the class agreed that they didn't like it either.

I can't show you that list because they changed the page and the box is gone. That probably means something.

I actually wrote "great idea" next to the box on my paper, but it took me days to remmeber something that I always had known. Not very sharp-- so it's good that my word isn't law. Yet we still can put such a thing on the page, if we want to, now that I know it's very possible to do that.

Lila Jefferson has been added to this committee, and will be at the next meeting if I remember to email her about it...

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