Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apr. 3rd meeting

On Apr. 3rd at 11:30am there was a ULMLWPC meeting, and it ended at 12:35pm.

In attendance were:

Today's meeting was productive yet hard to actually outline. But I knew it would be a complicated matter. I apologize if I seemed brusque or otherwise unfriendly.

-- We looked at demo pages by Karen C., Megan, and Karen N.
-- Mike printed his out (not a bad idea)
-- Mike said, once we finally (finally) makes a decision on this, we should be firm and not back down on what we've decided to go with [best idea I've heard all day?]
-- we don't want too many links, but not too few
-- mouse-over text is a good idea (but of course we still must decide what it would say)
-- much discussion was had over what patrons understand and what they don't
-- icons and alternate text can aid term understanding

Did I forget anything?

Maybe we should start using the chalkboard? That way we can quickly draw/erase until it looks as it should?

Also, here's a link I've posted before but is worth posting again:
There's lots of library site advice here.
The "hall of fame" contains both bad and good pages, but all are educational.

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