Thursday, February 21, 2008

Feb.21 Meeting Minutes

A meeting of the ULM Library Web Pages Committee was held at 11:30am today and adjourned at 12:30pm.

In attendance were:
And our guest: Rob Glaze, ULM's Webmaster.

Much was learned today:

-- Academic units are responsible for their own web pages
-- Dr. Stephen Richters, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, has authority over us
-- Standards seem to be fairly flexible in terms of design as long as they aren't rediculous
-- no athletic logos
-- no ads or promotions
-- using regular html is fine
-- we of course cannot control database interfaces
-- Colors display differently on different monitors
-- ML and CC asked about accessibility for the disabled and whether there's anything that can be used to test it. The university doesn't have anything that does that.
-- There should be alternate, less media-intensive ways to access certain
-- ULM's athletics and residence life sites look so different because they are run by commercial entities
-- The Opera browser can be used to test compatibility
-- mobile computing is something to think about, but is not an issue right now
-- Web based forms need to be approved by the computer center
-- The main concern with web based forms is security: could the information being collected be harmful?
-- For SACS all university policies are being placed in one centralized database
[ Just for you all to know, our policies are here ]
-- Fundraising efforts often need approval of the Foundation Office
-- rumor has it that the Friends of the Library will be more active in the near future

By the way, I forgot to mention:

-- I tried making a print .pdf version of the map, but it came out looking like a mess because I tried to fit it all on one page. The print maps we have now have errors on them, so look out for those.
-- Anonymous commenting allowed on blog, but is still moderated

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