Thursday, February 28, 2008

Feb. 28th meeting

On Feb. 28th at 11:30am there was a ULMLWPC meeting, and it ended at 12:31pm.

In attendance were:

-- The "presentations" page was discussed. (More on this later)
-- no one likes "under construction" messages. The web is dynamic and it is meant to always be changing
-- Mike knows that the catalog is clicked on 10 times more often than any other link on the page [that is good]
-- Of the submitted page examples viewed, KC's was the most liked
-- We seem to favor having links arranged under named headings
-- We seem to favor small tables that don't require much scrolling
-- we will probably not have out own statement on privacy
-- When we find lost student ID cards, we are to take them to the SACS office, and we should not contact the card holder
-- There is no requirement to put up a library policy link
-- Since all of the databases would no longer appear on their own, then we will need new pages with DBs arranged in various ways (name, subjects, etc.) We could link to LOUIS' DB page, but maybe not.
-- things like drop-down menus and links such as "and more" that hide content from view are not favored

At the next meeting, we need to:
-- decide what main categories there will be, how many, and what they should be called (for better patron understanding)

-- Americans do not get enough protein
-- beans are good for you

And I apologize for my rude comment concerning customer service and... I reckon I can explain this more if you ask me in person :-)

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