Tuesday, December 11, 2012

hours, new website, and meeting

 ▪ The Fall Schedule  must be changed again because as it turns out we will indeed be open on Dec. 21st.

 ▪ OmniUpdate is getting closer, but we haven't been granted access yet

 ▪ The ULMLWPC will have a meeting on Wed. Dec. 12th, 2012 ay 11:30am in the Passman Room. Here is an agenda:

I.  OmniUpdate
a. project time frame options
II.  EBSCO Discovery Service
a.  search box for old/new home page
b.  EZproxy time frame?
c.  other customization options
III. Integrating the ulm.edu/~name sub-directories
a. librarians
b. The reference and Gov Docs sub-directories

IV. Speculative re-design ideas
a. The new ULM.edu template, general
b. reducing & combining pages and links
1) Usage statistics
V. Other

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