Wednesday, November 7, 2012

EZproxy, Counseling & Therapy in Video

  • This week I submitted a STAP grant proposal asking for the EZproxy to be fixed. CR and I met with CE at the Computing Center, and we concluded that the best route to go was OCLC's EZproxy hosted service, since the CC doesn't have the time and personnel free to administer a new server. It was also recommended to us by SZ at LOUIS. If the grant is approved, this will become a recurring cost, which ULM will pay for every year.
  • Counseling and Therapy in Video now works off-campus as of yesterday.  I've fixed the URL, posted news about Counseling and Therapy in Video remote access to our blog, Facebook, and home page. It will also be added to the databases by subject page. Hopefully the grant proposal will be accepted so it won't take so long anymore.
  • The new OmniUpdate ULM website has been released on the ULM Home page, but  not the rest of the ULM site. RG has said via email that he'll give depts. access to the system fairly soon so we can see it and make design plans. The project was delayed a bit.
  • So, the ULMLWPC will need to have a proper meeting at some point to decide which pages stay and which must go. But I don't know when just yet.
  • For a while, our EBSCOhost hasn't been showing ULM logos. It didn't look broken, so I didn't know anything was wrong, but someone at LOUIS has informed me that it's not supposed to be that way. I've made some new ones which I might upload if I find a way to do so. 
  • I'll also make some logo images for our version of EDS, which also doesn't have any. I've also offered to make more for other LOUIS member institutions.
  • I've looked into getting Google Scholar for the library, which is free, but as ever, it would likely work better with a proper EZproxy.

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