Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New hours, new website

 The hours have changed again to go to 2 am., and I changed the home page, made new hours PDF, and made a blog entry about it.

As some of you may know, ULM will be switching to a CMS and re-designing its website.  He is a sumarry of what we know:

All of the ULM website will be redesigned to fit a standard template
  • Will use a Content Management System called "OmniUpdate"
  • Must be implemented by the end of Spring 2013
  • This is generally a good thing
  • Each dept. will be able to access and edit its pages
  • Rob Glaze in charge; he is affable and fair

What we need to do:
  • Some pages are OK to go on the site as-is
  • Others will need re-arranged
  • Others should be deleted  (based on needs and usage stats)
  • Rob Glaze is already aware that our website is special and will talk with me/us about it

  • How will each reference librarian access the site?
  • Will we be allowed to use reference librarian faculty pages? (ex:  ulm.edu/~lowe/ )
  • Will each librarian be able to access the library site or a sub-domain of it?
  • What will happen to the http://www.ulm.edu/govdocs/ and http://www.ulm.edu/reference/ domains?
  • Should Moodle be used in addition to (or even instead of) the library site for storing class materials?

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