Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Much database news + hours

This weekend, changed the hours (.pdf) file again. Our extended finals hours used to be 1am, but now that we're open to 2am, we don't know if we'll have late finals hours. So I changed it to say "the closing hour may be extended," giving us room to decide.

 New things going on with the databases
  • Datamonitor 360 will become MarketLine Advantage *on Sept. 1st; Off-campus access should be possible, but I don't know if it'll be ready right away. I'm working on it.. The link to the new one is in the news blog and news box for now, and I've added it to the DB list with an *
  • Classical Music Library might have run out; I don't know if we still subscribe to it or not. It doesn't work on or off campus. So I've left it in the list but crossed out: Classical Music Library 
    • Edit: after input from ML, now I just have "(inactive)" written next to CML's links
  • The new EBSCO Discovery Service is out, customized for ULM. http://atoz.ebsco.com/link.asp?id=1412&rid=2794470  By some miracle, it is able to search MEDLINE with Full Text and CMMC, which the current EBSCO cannot. We could use it as our new EBSCO link, but we're not sure yet if it really truly does everything right. I have not mentioned EDS on the website yet, but I think we should soon.
    • If it's possible, I'd like to figure out how EDS authenticates MEDLINE w/ Full Text, eBooks,  and CMMC  along with the LOUIS databases. Could we use it to eliminate all our EZ Proxy problems?
    • Folder accounts haven't been tested and are still an issue for regular EBSCOhost
  • Through LOUIS, I presume (or the BOR), we now have access to Counseling and Therapy on Video. It doesn't work off campus yet. So It's now in the DB list with an *, and in the blog/news.
  • I'm looking into possibilities for getting a customized version of Google Scholar for our library...

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