Wednesday, July 13, 2011

LOUIS, AccessScience, EZ Proxy

Today I added the AccessScience Database trial to the home page news and blog

I've update the ULM library LOUIS page to show Sara Zimmerman's statement about it:

Since it's been a while and some good things have happened, I've asked LOUIS if it's OK to remove the database "intercept" pages. The answer was yes, so I'm now going to take them all down. I doubt that anyone bookmarked them, but in case they did and they ask you "why won't this link work?"just tell them we didn't need the intercept anymore.

The LOUIS logo has been added to the database pages so that LOUIS' branding is where it deserves to be.

We're getting closer to solving the EZ Proxy problem with SciFinder (I hope). The connection needed to be a secure SSL connection, and we need a "certificate" to do that. Getting on should allow the connection to work.

However, the old "michael1" server it used to work on wasn't secure either. We don't know why it ever worked, although I believe that it did.

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