Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small site changes

•There are some errors on the Ask A Librarian page. Dead links, the old footer, and the old banner. The form is on the domain, which I can't update. I have made and tested a replacement, and will soon send the file to them and ask them to upload it.

•This is one of those small things no one notices, but needed changed anyway: For a long time, the links in footer have been underlined in all pages except the home page and the database subject pages. This happened when I fixed the template a long time ago to underline links to make them easier to see. I've now set it so that the footer links are not underlined, but the others on the page are. They become underlined when you click them. They are no longer change color when you have visited them.

If anyone thinks these links looked better underlined, I can easily change it back.

I also made it so that the Databases by Name page doesn't have underlined links anymore. I thought it looked too busy with the underlining. If anyone disagrees, do let me know.

•A long time ago I made a test blog thinking that I would make a ULM-themed gov docs blog design for KC. I've kept it around thinking that I'd do something with it, but today I deleted it.

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