Sunday, November 29, 2009

EZproxy Problems

It seems that the Ezproxy is down. And most of our major DBs are down as a result, even on campus. This is not good.

However, I have realized that simply removing the EZproxy Prefix from the URL lets the DBs that use it work just fine (on campus). So, I made a another list of alternative links to these DBs and put it on the DB list page:

I can set it back to normal as soon as the problem is resolved.

I know that I have done this without consulting anyone, but I consider this to be an "emergency." It's a sunday and just after Thanksgiving break, so I don't see this problemn being resolved any time soon. If I'm wrong to have done this, do let me know.

I have also reset the hours on the home page to regular hours.

A day later, the normal links are working again, so I've returned the page to normal.

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