Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gov Docs clean-up and more

I do have access to the "ulm.edu/govdocs" domain. So do le tme know if anything needs to be done with it.

I've made a backup of the directory as it was before I did anything in case something needs to be undone.
I removed some dead links, and added the Google Analytics script so that statics may now be kept on that domain (or, I think it works that way, anyway. I'll imform Uni. Relations about the addition of the script.

I had a look at the subject guides and the tutorials to see what was missing:
subject guides:
Only one:

(electronic resources)


Advanced Catalog Searching and Browsing Techniques Adobe Acrobat file
Software Resources in the University Library: EndNote X Adobe Acrobat file
Milking the Library: Or, How to Make the Most of the University Library Adobe Acrobat file

Doing History in the ULM University Library Adobe Acrobat file
Doing History in the ULM University Library Handout Adobe Acrobat file

Selected Online Resources for Journalism Adobe Acrobat file

Also missing (Lowe):
ENGL 090
MUS 491 (for J. Boldin)
MUS 493 (for J. Boldin)

Moved to GovDocs domain:
Your Tax Dollars at Work: GOV-DOCS! Free Government Information & Resources Available Through the University Library Adobe Acrobat file
For some reason, this one file remained accessible, yet it's on the "kcook" account. Hmm.

I also put the tutorials into two columns on the page so that people don't have to scroll down to see it all.

I've added the Bell Tower Books picture to the Friends of the Library page, to make the page a bit more attractive:

For Dinah, added "Access Pharmacy" to the DB lists for Psychology, Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy

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