Thursday, December 18, 2008

Compatibility issues, oh boy howdy

(EDIT: These issues will likely be fixed in the near future, so it's nothing to worry about)

I was trying to see if the random image loader I have will work on our home page (it does), and ran into a (literally) little problem with IE:

(Click to enlarge)

It was always like that, because the original templates we got do that too. I have no idea why I never noticed this before. I don't use IE, and I did briefly glance at it in IE and thought it looked all right, but I really should have been paying attention :-/ [Actually, I have some memory of having seen this problem before, but it didn't seem to be a priority at the time. But now it is.]

I investigated the "library.css" file and found that the problem is that the ".hours" box and the ".announce" box, which are both inside the box called ".container3," can increase the size of ".container3" depending on how big they are. However thier height is set as "auto" so their size depends on how big the text inside looks, and text display varies by browser (*sigh*, right?):

(colors changed so you can see)

I "solved" the problem by making ".container3, ".hours," and ".announce" all a fixed height of 150px. The "side effect" of doing this is that the boxes will never get larger no matter what you write in them. That might not be too bad. Here's how that turned out:
You can also see the image loader here, but that is unimportant now.

However, I also tested the web page on IE6 (which I never use, I hasten to mention!), and it still has problems even in my fixed version.

Here's the original template:

Here's my modified one:

Where did the hours go? It is a mystery.

IE6 is one of the most awful IT products ever. However, if your OS is pre-XP, you're not allowed to have IE7, and not all users may know enough to get FF or can't get used to it. So this may be a problem, or it might not be at all.

I'll try these in other browsers in the very near future.

The sub-page templates all look acceptable so far. That's good.

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