Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google Analytics + videos +more

Google Analytics as it is on our site can only record stats on links within our domain. I can't use it to know who clicks on what database links.

I've applied that JavaScript to the database by name page, and after it gets some time to collect information, I'll look at the GA stats page to see if they are working.

If they don't work, the next option is to make html entry pages for each database. That may be inconvenient, but if we want stats badly enough, it may be worth it.

Megan gave a presentation about plagiarism this week, and I made it available on the web here, with its slides in the video:

I couldn't use YouTube for this because the videos are just too long. But we can host them ourselves because we have Flash, which I can use to make the embedded players.

Also today, updated the library map and library hours.

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