Friday, February 26, 2010

Catalog Problem fixed

The IE8 error messages have been solved, after LOUIS moved all of our design elements to their own server. I also fixed a small button color problem in the CSS. Please let me know ASAP if anything goes wrong.

Just to let you know I'm aware of them, there are also 2 things I'd like to fix, except they aren't CSS-related so I can't do anything about them myself. These are:

When you get an error screen from the catalog about a search, the screen that appears has a stray HTML comment tag on it " --> " and our logo disappears. The easiest way to trigger it is to try doing a search without entering anything.

I'd like to make the text in the top banner click-able so that it restarts the search (goes "home", if you will) because many websites behave this way.

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